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06 November, 2012

Conversations with a child

As Claire gets older I love watching/listening to how her mind works. It can be frustrating, but I can still laugh at it. Here are some recent conversations with our child...

The other day I took her to a craft store. I usually park in the nether regions of the parking lot, which was great because Claire had CRAZY energy so the walk would do her good. There was a side walk leading up to the store and since we had a bit of a ways until reaching the intersection, I let her take off and run. As we approached the end of the sidewalk I see a car careening around the corner about to blow past us. I yell for Claire to stop. She continues running. Again, "STOOOOOP!!" She halts in place, pauses for a fraction of a second then says to me "You were supposed to say FREEZE?" Was I? Really? "No. A car was coming and I said to stop." "But I freeze when you say freeze?" I'm arguing over the semantics of stop vs. freeze with a 4 year old.

This morning we're sitting at the dining room table. Claire and I are talking. Well, more like she's spewing words that make up some story that has no logical path, but makes her giggle. I just go with the flow, asking her questions and squeal in delight when appropriate. During this... conversation?... she says "Casey burned it." "Excuse me? Who burned it?" "Casey" Now in my head she knows 2 casey's: her teacher and daddy but I've never heard her call daddy 'Casey' unless she was imitating me motivating him to do something. Yes, motivating. Back to the story. I then ask "Who is Casey?" and she answers "Daddy". Oh dear. I don't think this is good and of course I did laugh over, which I probably shouldn't have, but just couldn't help it. Later in the morning, the story was shared with Daddy-Casey. He didn't find it as funny as I did. ha!


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